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Central Heating Power Flush

Get The Pressure Back

Loss of water pressure? – A central heating power flush should cure it.

Over time, deposits build up in central heating systems which reduce the free flow of water and have an adverse effect on efficiency by as much as 65%. As the sludge of iron oxide deposit accumulate in the system it results in poor circulation, fuel wastage, system noise and premature failure of some of the components. A central heating power flush can remove this sludge and improve performance exponentially.

An easy test you can carry out yourself is to check the radiator furthest from your boiler. With the heating running, put your hand on the top centre of the radiator for just a few seconds. Then place your hand on the bottom centre. If it’s colder at the bottom of the radiator than the top then it is probably blocked by a build up of sludge and you would benefit from having your central heating system power flush.


How This Can Be Fixed

Have your central heating power flushed by Lenzie Plumbing from just £400 and you will notice the improvements:

  • Improved efficiency of your central heating system
  • Eliminate boiler noise 
  • Restore heat output
  • Lower fuel bills

Boiler Power Flush Tools

The added benefit of fitting a magnetic filter after a power flush of your heating system are

  • Hydrocyclonic and magnetic in-line filter
  • Unique action, removes magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants
  • Fits vertical and horizontal pipework
  • All valves and fittings included
  • Professionally Installed

We will also supply a Fernox TF1 magnetic filter FREE of charge.

So contact us today and we will get your heating system back to running efficiently and help reduce your heating bill.

Sludge build up reduces flow - A central heating Power flush is needed

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A Fernox TF1 magnetic filter

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